VinhSon Nguyen
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VinhSon Nguyen is a creative evangelist with experience in motion graphics, vfx, cinematography, photography, and program development based in Austin, Texas. 

His work has been featured on networks such as PBS, BBC, and SaigonTV. He has worked closely with industry software and graphics companies such as Envato, Red Giant, FXHome, GenArts, and more.

He is also a mograph/vfx educator and hosts the CreativeDojo community with over 5 million total views and over 50,000 strong. In his spare time, he improvises music and drinks a lot of coffee. 

Software: Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Next Limit Realflow, Jawset TurbulenceFD, INSYDIUM X-Particles.

Skills: Motion graphics, visual effects, video/photo color grading, video/photo editing, audio mixing and EQ, program & script development (Python, JavaScript, and ExtendScript), photography/cinematography, and education.